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This is a collective of roleplay journals for mippa. Please feel free to bring in your characters and play along!


Name: Melissa, Mel, Mippa
Age: 27
Medium: Threads, AIM, MSN, GTalk
Time Zone: UTC -6
Experience: Been role-playing since AOL 1.5 in the "Cartoons" boards...I think that's somewhere around 1994 or so? I've modded several RPs since 2001.

Characters I play:

Age: I will play characters of various ages, but my 'primary' character (that is, my main character if there is more than one) is usually between the ages of 16-40.
Nationality: I typically don't have an issue playing various nationalities - just don't expect them to be 100% accurate unless they are American, British, Irish, Japanese or Chinese. I speak English, Japanese, and some Mandarin Chinese.
Gender: My primary is always female, but I am not beyond playing a supporting male character, as long as they have some sort of tie to my female primary.
Sexuality: Heterosexual with femmeslash/shoujo-ai subtexts. I have read some very touching girl-love stuff, but I tend to view it as a 'right of passage' that is a coming-of-age experience, not a forever-after sort of thing.

Preferred Games: I tend to live anime canon-sequel/AU type things. I also like OC things if they fit a certain vision. I do not like pan-fandoms unless they are something like CLAMP-verse, Aizawa-verse, or Tezuka-verse, etc.


My favorite genres include (but are not limited to, since I'll probably forget some):

- Gundam/Macross-type mecha
- High fantasy (unicorns, dragons, knights, damsels in distress etc...think The Last Unicorn meets D&D.)
- Supernatural (mages and vampires - think White Wolf World of Darkness)
- Television canon
- Anime/manga canon
- Animation canon (JEM and the Holgrams, Totally Spies!, My Little Pony, etc.)
- Warm And Fuzzy Feelings, Romantic Comedy

Things I won't do: Depends on the genre. Anything involving animal death I will not do. Ever.

General Quirks:

1. I require character depth and introspection to keep my attention. All action and no feelings does not make me want to invest in a scene.

2. I'm very, very devoted to the games I'm in (games = sanity, after all).

3. I like to know people OOC as well as IC, but I don't mind just writing with them if that's what they prefer.

4. I ask lots of questions about a person's interests so I can try to match what they're looking for as much as possible. There are things I want in an RP, but I'm a bit of an RP whore. I want to be what ever you need at that particular moment. ^_^;

5. While I like happy endings every so often, I don't like things to come easy. It's not fair to say I torture my characters, but I do like to make them work a bit for what they want.

6: Common themes in my storylines include:

...in progress...


Note: Except for the rare occasion, I prefer to go as close to canon as possible. I tend to like to "improve" or "expand" upon what's already been established in a way that allows the casual reader to look at the work and accept it as being canon-like and probable. Bold indicates that the character is currently in play, italic indicates that I desperately want to play this character. Underlining indicates that I've played this character at least once before. Parentheses indicate characters I would like to play as a secondary, as long as I have a primary I like. All of the other characters on the list are characters that I have not played but and am willing to try.